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Pinterest Video Pins: Unlocking the Power of Visual Storytelling

Would you like to improve your Pinterest strategy? Are you interested in producing visually appealing content that stands out from the competition? Look no further than the Pinterest video pins. The introduction of video pins is one such advancement. The opportunities for content producers, companies, and influencers are endless thanks to these succinct, compelling video pieces.

We will go deeply into the world of Pinterest video pins in this post, revealing their significance and providing helpful advice on how to utilize them successfully. We can help you with everything from creating compelling video content to maximizing the reach of your pins.

Pinterest Video Pins: What Are They?

Let’s start with the fundamentals before getting into the specifics.

Short videos that are pinned to Pinterest and play right in the user’s feed are called video pins. They are a great technique to grab people’s attention and get your point out fast. These pins, which may last up to 60 seconds, are succinct, captivating, and ideal for showing goods, concepts, or tales.

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Pinterest video pins are centered on visual storytelling. Just like other social media platforms, you may use it to give DIY instructions, tell the story of your company, or show off your most recent goods in use. These pins open up the door to your imagination and help you engage your audience more deeply.

Creating Pinterest Video Pins: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s look at how to efficiently make Pinterest video pins now that you know what they are.

1. Planning Your Pin

Each and every successful video pin begins with a strategy. Think about your intended audience, message, and result. To make your content more relevant to your audience’s interests, use Pinterest’s audience insights.

2. Crafting Engaging Content

The opening few seconds of your video clip should draw viewers in. To draw visitors in, use eye-catching images, rich colors, and a captivating narrative. Include your narration’s focus keyword—”Pinterest video pins”—naturally.

3. Optimizing for Mobile

Keep in mind that Pinterest was designed particularly for mobile devices. Make sure the text on your video pins is readable and vertically oriented for mobile viewing.

4. Adding Keywords

Although you should avoid overloading your pin description with keywords, doing so will increase discoverability.

What are the Specs of Pinterest Video Pins?

Specific requirements are included with Pinterest Video Pins to guarantee the best possible presentation and functionality on the site. The following are the essential specifications you should be aware of:

Video Duration: Pinterest The length of a video pin is limited to 60 seconds. Within this time limit, it’s crucial to make your information succinct and interesting.

Aspect Ratio: For video pins, Pinterest suggests utilizing a 2:3 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio makes sure that your movies play properly on desktop and mobile platforms.

File Format: To ensure compatibility, utilize widely accepted video file types like MP4 or MOV when sharing your video clip.

Video Resolution: Aim for a video resolution of 720p (1280 × 720 pixels) or greater for the highest quality. Videos in high resolution typically do better on Pinterest.

Sound: While Pinterest videos do include sound, it’s crucial to provide material that can be understood even when the sound is turned off. To improve the user experience, think about adding captions or subtitles.

File Size: To guarantee smooth downloading and playing, Pinterest advises keeping your video pin’s file size under 2GB.

Frame Rate: Pinterest video pins should generally have a frame rate of 30 frames per second (FPS). With this frame rate, playing is smooth without requiring a large file size.

Thumbnail: You may select a unique thumbnail for your video pin on Pinterest. Make sure the thumbnail you choose is appealing and accurately conveys the information.

You can make Pinterest Video Pins that are aesthetically beautiful, successfully engage your audience, and perform well on the site by following these guidelines.

Pinterest Video Pins for Business

When it comes to your marketing plan, Pinterest video pins may completely shift the game if you’re a business owner. Here is how to maximize them.

Showcasing Products

Pins with videos are ideal for showing off your goods in use. Let your items shine in a brief, interesting film, whether they are apparel, kitchenware, or home décor.

Sharing Tutorials

On Pinterest, educational information is popular. Make niche-related instructional videos that provide value to your audience while quietly advertising your business.


Tell the narrative of your brand using video pins. Share behind-the-scenes looks, client feedback, and the evolution of your brand.

Pinterest Video Pins Best Practices

Here are some recommended practices to follow to make sure your Pinterest video pins have the desired effect:

  • Invest in top-notch audio and visuals.
  • Keep your videos brief and direct.
  • Try out various video formats and styles.
  • Consider your pin performance before modifying your approach.

Pinterest Video Pins FAQs

How long can Pinterest video pins be?

The length of a Pinterest video pin is limited to 60 seconds, so use each second wisely.

Can I promote video pins?

You may advertise your video pins to reach more people and increase the visibility of your company.

Do I need a business account to create video pins?

While a personal account allows you to make video pins, a business account offers useful analytics and marketing capabilities.

Can I edit video pins after posting them?

After your video pins are published, you may still alter the title, description, and board.

Are there any size restrictions for video pins?

For the best presentation, Pinterest advises using a 2:3 aspect ratio for video pins.

How can I track the performance of my video pins?

Use Pinterest Analytics to keep tabs on your video pins’ interaction, visibility, and click-through rates.

Bottom Line

An effective weapon in your content marketing toolbox is a Pinterest video pin. Following best practices, you may engage with your audience, convey the narrative of your business, and increase traffic to your website or online store by creating captivating pins with amazing visuals.

Unlock the power of visual storytelling on this dynamic platform by integrating Pinterest video pins into your marketing plan now.

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